Jim Jones Says Drake Is The Only Rapper Who Could Face Jay-Z In A Verzuz

Rapper Jim Jones says that Drake is the only rapper who could stand beside Jay-Z in a Verzuz.

“I thought about it a million times. He’s one of the illest people I’ve seen get on stage when it comes to performances, from the days of his Summer Jams spats when he used to put people on the Summer Jam screen and embarrass them,” said Jones. “So, I don’t know if people are ready for that type of warfare. I don’t think they’re ready for how he’s going to come; they’re worried about the hits he has and I know he’s going to come with the wittiness and his creativity is way way iller than the hits he has. So, I would leave that alone if I was most of them.”

“The person I would say that would put up the best fight, it would be Drake hands down,” he continued. “I know that Drake hasn’t been here for the duration that Jay has been but, Drake has put out platinum hits every time he’s put a record out and we all know that every one single of Drake’s hits for the past 10 to some odd years that he’s been in this game, which is a long stretch doing music, and he’s breaking a lot of records when it comes to entries. When it comes to 20 hits, I think that Drake would be the top candidate to jump into the ring with Jay.”

Is he right?

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