Jim Jones Reacts To Drakeo The Ruler’s Death


Jim Jones is calling for an end to the violence in Hip Hop after Drakeo The Ruler was killed last week.

“Rip to this brother drakeo this is sad,” Cap wrote. “To all rappers I urge u to protect urself start to move tactical. Preservation of life is everything they do not value our lives anymore we are targeted. They know who we are cause of our fame but we don’t know who they are because of our fame. I pray everyday I make it home to my family because it’s tht serious out here for us.”

He continued, “Feels like we lost a rapper every week this year. There was a time when we protected in th community we were treated as super hero’s not no more. Stay safe & stay dangerous I pray I never have to make a decision. Say ur prayers n move sturdy. Rappers have th most dangerous job in th world I stand on my statement.”

Some of his followers called him a hypocrite.

“He got stabbed during a fight, werent you just in a big fight with another rapper ?” a fan wrote in the comments section.

“But u fighting negus back stage boy cut it out” another wrote.

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