Jim Jones Fumes After Gucci Employees Allegedly Ignore Him!!

Jim Jones is upset after Gucci employees allegedly ignored him and his crew after a recent trip to one of their stores.

The rapper says that they were escorted to the VIP section but them left to fend for themselves. They said they had been in the store for over 2 hours and did not even offer them water.

“And just like tht sh*t went bad in gucci I was more hurt tht th black people was treating us like tht more thn anything,” he captioned the post.

“Very racy and all we wanted was some water sparkling water cause I was parched to be been shoppin for a long time I’m usually drunk by time I leave stores like this cause they be servin tht Champaign smh ‍♂️ This man literally spent over 100k in there in th last 3 months and this is how they handle him nasty,” he continued.


“I told him leave tht Sh*t on th counter we out gucci be movin dusty Lol Sh*t is hilarious it never stops”

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