Jim Jones Denies Falling Off Verzuz Stage


Dipset rapper Jim Jones says he did not fall off the stage during the Verzuz battle.

“For the record, I did not fall off the stage,” the iced out rapper told his fans on Instagram. “My ring flew off my hand and I dove off that motherf*cka head first like I was going swimming. I dove. I didn’t fall.”

From the clip, it’s clear that Capo jumped off the stage.

In an interview with HHDX last year, he told them why he’s been around in the rap game for so long.

“Longevity is being able to persevere and reinvent yourself. Staying relevant in a time where the music is changing. It seems to be getting younger and the sound of it is changing from what we have known in the past era and things like that,” he said. “I’m keeping up with the times and to still be known in this younger generation is great. It’s a testament of all the hard work I’ve been putting in and seeds I’ve been planting.”

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