Jim Jones Addresses Freddie Gibbs Fight: I Don’t Tussle!!

Jim Jones is still denying his alleged fight with Freddie Gibbs.

“Allegedly, you and Freddie Gibbs got into a little tussle,” DJ Envy said.

“I don’t tussle, baby. I don’t know what they talking bout, man. Rumors fly,” Capo responded.

He then gave some advice: “You wanna be doing music, right? You’re the artist? You’re the rapper? These dudes around you need to take you as the most important thing in this group. If something happens to you, nothing’s ever gonna amount to nothing for them. They won’t get to where they wanna go with you as their vessel. Therefore, they need to hold you to the highest regard of all.”

Freddie Gibbs has not spoken about the alleged brawl. 

“It’s war. There’s gonna be some casualties and some people not gonna make it. But, the principle has to be protected at all time if you wanna have any success in the situation.,” Jones later adds. “I’m not telling you to stop doing what you’re doing, I’m telling you to move a little smarter to give you better chances at your being successful. Helping your dudes out to not having to do them same things anymore because you’ll be having the money for the proper security and everybody can be a little easier.”


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