Jeremih Cautious Of New COVID-19 Vaccines

Singer Jeremih has just recovered from an extreme case of COVID-19 — but even after spending weeks in the ICU, he says he’s not ready to take any of the vaccines on offer.

“Right now? I’m not sure yet. I’m good and I’m still taking shots from the hospital. So I’m good for my shots right now,” he told Kendra G.

After testing positive, Jeremih contracted multi-system inflammatory syndrome… which inflamed his lungs, leaving him as close to death as he’s ever been.

Jeremih says he is determined to remember his recent experience and the lessons learned from them.


“Two things, I just wanted to remind myself of what I’ve been through and sometimes to just remind myself of my purpose on this earth,” Jeremih explained. “Because while I was in there, I was unsure if I was still going to be able to walk on this earth. So until I get my talk and my walk back I’m a keep this on.”

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