Jeremih Still Wears His Hospital Bracelet Following COVID-19 Battle

Singer Jeremih says he still wears his hospital bracelet as a reminder of the weeks he spent in the ICU battling COVID-19.

“[It’s] just a reminder of what I’ve been through,” he told Kendra G. At the same time, these types of bands [are] hard to take off too…”

Jeremih added: “After a couple of days, I just be looking at it … I just want to remind myself what I’ve been through. Sometimes, [I look at it] to remind myself [of] my purpose here on this earth. While in [the hospital], I was unsure whether I was still going to be able to walk on this earth.”

Jeremih feels fortunate to still be with us. He has been very open about his health issues since his hospitalization:

“I had a tube down my throat for about a week and a half. I was really in a dream. I woke up like two times and all I remember is just seeing a white light those two times I was in there. What I ended up having, and I don’t mind sharing this because now I’m immune, it was called multiple inflammatory syndrome, MIS, which is a rare case of COVID. My whole insides, all my organs became inflamed. My heart went out, stopped beating, and started beating irregularly, my kidneys went out, my liver started to fail and go bad…I had to learn how to walk again, eat, all of that.”

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