Jennifer Lopez Compares Herself To Beyonce – Black Twitter GOES CRAZY!!

Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce are both trending across social media today, after J Lo liked a seemingly innocuous tweet, which compared her singing to Beyonce’s, MTO News has learned.

The incident popped off this morning, when J Lo liked a tweet which asked “who’s winning in a viral battle?” The tweeter posted an image of Beyonce singing on the left, and Jennifer on the right.

A fan replied to the tweet and claimed that in the image, “believe it or not Beyonce and J Lo were hitting the same note.” The comment seemingly suggested that Jennifer and J Lo had comparable vocal skills.

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Jennifer liked that response.


Black Twitter flew into an absolute uproar over Jennifer’s “like” of the tweet.

Many Beyonce fans thought it was laughable to compare Beyonce – one of this generations great vocalists – to Jennifer, who has seemingly struggled to hit notes.

Here are just a few comments, from angry tweeters:

Delusional old bird

The auFUCKINGdacity….

Just like a jealous culture vulture to latch on to someone’s else name to attempt to prop themselves up.

See what yall done gone and did , hyped her big ass up even more. Yalls fav boriqua is clearly gone off a perc


Jennifer Lopez IG comment section is currently in utter shambles. . . .

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