Jeannie Mai Is Having Trouble Breastfeeding


Jeezy’s wife Jeannie Mai says she’s having trouble with breastfeeding.

“Been tackling this breastfeeding thing for two months,” she wrote on Instagram. “Listening to a lactation nurse, reading advise online, and getting so much help from other moms Hands down, it’s been the most difficult part of this entire mom journey. I already HEARD it was gonna be, but I never imagined this. For me, it’s was even more difficult than giving birth.”

Jeannie says he daughter was able to properly feed from her naturally in the hospital. She then broke down how she is able to produce milk:

“Since then, every 3 hrs looked like this: Latch, supplement with formula since I could only give her an ounce, (IF that), go and pump to signal to body to make more milk, set alarm to take milk thistle pills, sunflower Lecithin pills, drink fenugreek tea, massage boobs, in one hour prepare boobs with a hot compress or towel, wake the baby up, repeat.”


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