Jen Shah’s Co-Defendant Denied Reduced Sentence In Fraud Case!!

A co-defendant in Jen Shah’s telemarketing fraud case was denied a reduced sentence by a judge.

 “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” star was arrested in 2021 on federal fraud charges stemming from allegations she conspired to commit wire fraud and laundered money in a telemarketing scheme that allegedly targeted the elderly.

The other co-defendants are Anthony Cheedie, Chad Allen, Shane Hanna, Cameron Brewster, Kevin Handren, Joseph Ciaccio, Joseph Minetto, Joseph Depaola, Derek Larkin, Joseph Chirico and Mattie Cirilo.


Larkin was initially sentenced to 72 months plus five years of supervised release. He filed a motion for reduced sentencing.

“Accordingly, defendant’s motion is denied due to the lack of extraordinary and compelling circumstances as well as the fact that the section 3553(a) factors do not support a reduction in his sentence,” Judge Sidney H. Stein ruled.

Jen is still waiting for her time before a judge. She denies all of the charges against her.

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