Jeezy Trashes Detroit Promoter!!

Jeezy hopped on social media to call out a promoter after a recent “party day” in Detroit.

“You know I have to send a PSA out to my city, my second home, Detroit. So listen, this how it go. I came to the city to give away a thousand bikes to a thousand kids. That was my initiative and we did that and it was very successful, so shout out to everybody that came through,” he said.


Jeezy reiterates that he was not scheduled to perform.

“Now, this day party, which was a day party and not a performance. A day party, contractually, in the contract it says, ‘day party.’ I just wanted to pull up and see my people real quick. Get in and get out. It was unorganized, understaffed, and chaos. I got there, nobody knew what to do. They wanted to put me in the skybox for me to watch the crowd from there. Absolutely not. I got my crew together, we walked down to the bleachers so we could see the people,” he continued.

He says the promoter couldn’t even get him down onto the field.

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