Jeezy Scolds Gucci Mane During ‘Verzuz’ Battle: I Wanted to Do This Sh*t For The Culture!!

Thursday night was the hotly anticipated Verzuz battle between Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane and Jeezy — but at one point, things got heated and the rappers appeared to come close to throwing hands.

But it was Jeezy who managed to keep the calm, delivering a sobering speech to Gucci.

“Let me say my piece … I extended my hand because I’m a real man,” Jeezy said. “The sh*t we came from in the street, dawg, you see that we been through it. Twenty years. And when I said I wanted to do this sh*t for the culture, that’s what I wanted to do. I brought you here to show you the world care about what the f*ck we got going on ’cause we are the culture. You feel me? Me and you, where we came from, what we been through, n*gga, us.”

Jeezy spoke about the responsibility both men hold:

He continued: “All these kids out here doing what the f*ck they do ’cause they saw what went on with us. This sh*t ain’t about me, it ain’t about you. This sh*t about King Von, this sh*t about Doe B, this sh*t about Nipsey Hussle, this sh*t about motherf*cking Pop Smoke, Mo3. And I’m real enough to do that, n*gga, because one thing about it, two things fo sho, three things for certain, n*gga…”


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