Jeannie Mai Did NOT Invite Real Co-Hosts To Wedding w/ Jeezy!!

Jeannie Mai and hip hop legend Jeezy were married in a private ceremony in Los Angeles last month. At the time MTO News reported that Jeannie did NOT invite any of her The Real co-hosts to the wedding.

Yesterday Jeannie confirmed our report.

According to Jeannie, she wanted to keep the ceremony small, and so she only invited people that were really close to her. Unfortunately NONE of her co-hosts were close enough to be invited.

Jeannie explained, “I did not invite [my co-hosts] but I called them ahead of time to tell them what we were doing.”

According to Jeannie, her ceremony was held inside the couple’s home – and it was small and private. And Jeannie plans to hold a bigger wedding after Covid, where she will invite more of her not-so-close friends.

But Jeannie still didn’t commit to inviting her co-hosts to that wedding either. Jeannie told her audience, “When we have the wedding later on, hopefully things can change then.”


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