Jamie Lynn Spears Says She Tried To Warn Britney Spears About Her Corrupt Attorney!!

Jamie Lynn Spears is now claiming that she tried to warn her sister Britney Spears about her former court-appointed attorney, Samuel D. Ingham.

Jamie Lynn shared screenshots of the alleged text messages sent to Britney in November 2020 during the second part of her “Call Her Daddy” podcast interview.

“PLEASE READ, IMPORTANT INFO, that you should know, because it seems concerning to me,” Jamie Lynn began.

“Mom and her lawyers have been in constant contact with Sam Ingram [sic] about everything, and I first found that strange since you and mom are not even speaking. I did not understand why mom would be involving herself or inserting HER opinion to YOUR lawyer, ESPECIALLY if you did not ask her to,” Jamie Lynn.

“I quickly realized, moms focus has been on dad, and her personal attack on him, instead of on you and what you need. I think she has your lawyer fighting more for HER agenda then yours and it’s only delayed your progress, and cost you more money,” Jamie Lynn writes.

See the leaked text messages above.

Fans have been dragging Jamie Lynn for playing the victim when it was Britney who was trapped in a conservatorship for years.

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