Jamie Lynn Spears Claimed Britney Spears ‘Cursed’ At Her During 2020 Fight

In her shameless Good Morning America interview, Jamie lynn Spears claimed that Britney Spears became angry at her during the pandemic over “something trivial” and cursed her out.

“She came at me screaming and getting up in my face while I was holding [my daughter] Ivey, who was only 22 months at the time,” she said.

“Despite my best efforts, Britney continued on the attack, and my [then-12-year-old daughter] Maddie had to get in between us to protect her little sister until my parents could finally get Britney to retreat.”

She also spoke about the incident on Nightline:

“I was like, ‘We’re just all family under one roof. I’m not trying to argue.’ And when I tried to remove myself from the situation, that’s when I guess she just got really angry, and my oldest daughter tried to, you know, mediate the situation,” she said. “I hated that. Like, that’s not what you’re supposed to do, you’re 12.”


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