Jake Paul Disses Floyd Mayweather: NBA Youngboy Knocked Up Your Daughter!!


Jake Paul, the brother of Logan Paul who is set to fight Floyd Mayweather sometime this year, took to Instagram to fire shots at Floyd — mentioning NBA Youngboy and his daughter, Yaya.


Floyd recently said he would be open to fighting both Jake Paul and 50 Cent — and Jake seems to have taken offense:

“Dear Mr. Mayweather, who runs your Instagram? They need to get paid better. Do us a favor and stay off of social media, you should focus on learning to read, retirement, or maybe an encyclopedia,” Jake Paul says in the video. 

“You call me out to fight but you’re half my height. You may beat my brother but Jake Paul is a different type. F*ck your proposition, I don’t do exhibitions. We can fight on my conditions, 50/50 commissions. Oh, and we haven’t forgotten, you tried training Nate [Robinson] to beat me. I left him unconscious on the canvas, let’s hope you’re not that easy. A quick NBA knockout, he’s never boxing again. Speaking of NBA, who knocked up your daughter, my friend?”

Too far?

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