Jacksonville Rapper Posts Vid On Instagram Spraying At Opps w/ MACHINE GUN!!

Just when you thought that Florida rappers couldn’t be any crazier, MTO News has learned that a Jacksonville rapper appears to have recorded himself shooting a machine gun at the opps – then posting it on Instagram Live.

The rapper who posted the video, MTO News will not name because of the potential criminal consequences of his actions, is currently on probation in the State of Florida – and is not allowed to be in possession of a firearm.

But that didn’t appear to stop the popular Duval County hip hop star from posting a video on IG where he appeared to have grabbed a high powered Draco assault rifle, pulled up to a trap house which was supposedly filled with “the opps,” and let loose.

The rapper and his crew appeared to be live-streaming another mass shooting – and show all of his fans on Instagram, just how “real” he was.

MTO News published just a short clip. Watch:

Luckily social media reports say that no one was killed by the alleged shooting.

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