Jacksonville Rapper Posts DEATH PIC Of His Opps On IG; Trolls His Family!!

Jacksonville rappers are at the forefront of a new trend called “Demon” rap, where artists do the most disrespectful things possible to dead members of rival gangs.

Yesterday MTO News learned that popular Jacksonville rapper Young Breezy did the unthinkable. He posted what many are calling a “death pic” of one of his opps – a rival gang member named “Dank.” And he covered the image with disrepspectful tags like “dank get up” and “he a pack too.”

According to online reports, one of Breezy’s homies ran down on Dank and “caught him lacking.” MTO News learned that Dank was shot multiple times and robbed. The injured gang member was taken to the hospital with life threatening wounds.

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Unfortunately, social media reports say that Dank was too far gone, and his family is believed to have pulled the plug on him.

Somehow, MTO News learned that Young Breezy got ahold of an image of Dank fighting for his life – and he decided to post it on IG.

Here’s the image that’s making the rounds online. We won’t post the image here, but you can link to the image if you are curious.


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