Jacksonville BABY MAMA Shoots At The SIDECHICK . . . Livestreamed On TikTok!!

A woman from Jacksonville, Florida is going viral after shooting at her babys father’s alleged side chick, MTO News has learned.

And a passerby managed to record the drama, and stream it on the popular social media platform TikTok.


In the video, which was seen by MTO News – the alleged side chick pulled up on the man and his babys mother at a local gas station. The man hopped out of the car, and tried to restrain her – who seemed ready for violence.

The side chick is then seen picking up a bottle and smashing at the car window, with the babys mother inside.

Eventually, the babys mother had enough – and she walked out of the car carrying a pistol and began firing shots at the out of control side chick.

MTO News received word that no one was hit by the bullets, luckily. It’s not clear whether police are looking into this shooting as a possible crime.

Florida is a stand your ground State, so it’s possible that baby mother’s response was justifiable but the moral of the story is: messing around with other people’s partners can get you jacked up.

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