J. Prince Says He’s Closing Megan Thee Stallion’s Roc Nation Deal This Week

The drama between Carl Crawford’s 1501 Certified Entertainment and Roc Nation are close to making a deal over Megan Thee Stallion, according to J Prince.

Things turned nasty last year after Megan wanted to renegotiate her contract with 1501 — but was not allowed.

She is also signed to Roc Nation — and it seems that things could be resolved in a matter of days.

“Thanks to the homie Jay-Z…because he and I are about to close that. I’m hoping that we close this week,” J Prince said in a recent interview.

“In the beginning, some things that’s facts where independent labels are concerned. When we ignite and start movements, and it’s been going on since back in the day and probably before me, the majors will come in and try to take your s—=h*t That’s just how it go. Clearly, that’s what was trying to take place where he was concerned. I couldn’t allow it to happen on my watch. We was able to balance that scale and let one know that the homie [Carl] deserves to be compensated for the risk and different things he took.”

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