J Prince: Joe Rogan Is Not A Racist!!


J Prince defended Joe Rogan who is being dragged online after clips of him using the n-word resurfaced online.

“Joe Rogan is not a racist,” Prince said on Instagram. “I know this brother. It takes a sincere individual to admit when they are wrong and have f*cked up about a situation. As you can hear he’s done that and I forgive him because I never want to become one of those people that are filled with un-forgiveness and hate, that we complain about all the time.”

He continued, “Let this be an example to others of the sensitivity of the word “n*gga” being said by anybody other than a n*gga lol.”

Rogan addressed the hate in a video last week: “Do I get things wrong? Absolutely I get things wrong, but I try to correct them. Whenever I get something wrong I try to correct it because I’m interested in telling the truth. I’m interested in finding out what the truth is. And I’m interested in having interesting conversation with people that have differing opinions,” he said.

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