J Prince Denies Forcing Kanye West To End Beef W/ Drake


J Prince has denied claims that he pressured Kanye West into ending his beef with Drake.

Fans thought J Prince bullied Ye to make sure that the Free Larry Hoover concert goes down.

“It was an interesting conversation, but the furthest thing from the truth regarding any kind of force. I heard all kinds of rumors, and that was the furthest thing from the truth,” Prince told Billboard. 

“To me, that moment was what I called an ‘anointing moment’ — because none of it was planned. It wasn’t planned where we had that meeting in that particular church, but me being a man of God, I couldn’t deny the invitation to actually meet him.”

He continued, “From there, I kept it real with him. I spoke some words that came from my heart — and Kanye, he acknowledged it. He said, ‘I ain’t ever had anyone ever talking to me like that.’ He was acknowledging me being brutally honest with him. I felt another level of bonding with him at that particular moment.”

Ye and Drake’s concert goes down today.

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