J. Prince Claims The Feds Are Harassing him!!

J. Prince is claiming that the feds are trying to pin him for murders he did not commit.

“Let me say something to you clowns, who in my opinion, lie on my name and are trying to set me up,” he says. “In my opinion, some of y’all are doing things out of ignorance, and others like Daryl D-Town Lewis, Ronni Bookman, Slyvester Brown are, in my opinion, snitching, trying to get themselves ahead in life or out of trouble.”

He continued, “I don’t knock no man’s hustle. But don’t put my name in none of that law-breaking sh-t. I have enough problems on my own.”

The rap exec goes on to list some of the ways he’s been harassed in the past by the cops. “I’ve had drugs planted on me on two different occasions by dirty cops and had to beat those cases in court.”


In the comments section, listeners wrote that J. Prince sounds like he’s reading a script.

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