Is Trey Songz Dating Lamar Odom’s Ex Sabrina Parr?!

Trey Songz was recently spotted at an Atlanta club partying with Sabrina Parr, the ex-fiancee of Lamar Odom.

They weren’t trying to hide it either. They were allegedly “hugged up and smoking hookah with friends.”

Last week, Lamar alleged that Sabrina has slept with Khloe Kardashian’s “significant” other and all but confirmed he was speaking on Tristan Thompson.

He also accused her of being bitter.

 “So, it’s kinda crazy, I woke up this morning and I started getting all of these calls due to someone had gone on Wendy Williams and made incredible, hurtful, allegations,” Lamar said in an Instagram video. “First, I would like to say that I’m grateful for life experiences and this experience has taught me a valuable lesson and that lesson is to clearly make sure that all individuals that I choose to have in my inner circle are loyal and honest.”


He added: “Me and this girl, we shared a moment in time and within that moment in time I found out that we should not be together. She bitter, I’m better.”

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