Irv Gotti Says DMX Overdosed On Crack-Cocaine Mixed w/ Fentanyl!!


DMX has just been laid to rest, but Irv Gotti is claiming the late rapper died from overdosing on crack and fentanyl.

“They said it was a bad dose of crack and they said some drug Fentanyl was mixed in with the crack and that’s what made him overdose,” said Irv. “When when he got to the hospital, he got diagnosed with COVID and he couldn’t breathe — you know that COVID messes with your respiratory system — so that’s why he had to get hooked up to the ventilator. But they said before he did, they was, ‘His brain died.'”

He continued: “They said even if he comes through, there’s a good chance he’s gonna be brain dead. Once they said that, I was like, ‘I don’t want to see X like that.’ I said, ‘If he comes back, I want him to come back and be X. If he’s gonna be brain dead and a vegetable, I don’t want to see him like that,’ you know what I’m saying? I think when it got down to it, he couldn’t survive without being on that machine. He’s gone.”

DMX fans are not happy about Irv making the claims during the interview.

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