Insecure Actor Norman Towns Shares Breakup Story w/ ‘CRAZY’ Lite Skinned Model!!

Insecure Actor Norman Towns shared his crazy breakup experience with his ex-GF Shanice Jordyn on Instagram yesterday, MTO News has learned. And according to Norman, Shanice was allegedly “stalking” him.

Here’s his story. It started out fire, according to Norman – but it ended up with the Insecure actor allegedly pressing “stalking” charges against the lite skinned model.

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According to Norman, Shanice has been flooding his email inbox with angry messages, threatening him and his career:

And she’s also filled up his DMs on all his social media pages, with requests for him to “follow her”:

Norman also claims that Shanice allegedly created an Onlyfans page for him, and continuously ordered pizza – and had it sent to his house:

Finally, MTO News learned that Norman became fearful of his safety, after Shanice allegedly told him that she planned on pulling up at his hotel room and “Jodi Arias” him. Jodi Arias is a convicted killer, who murdered her boyfriend in 2008, after he tried to break up with her.

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