Inmates LIVESTREAM Machete Fight, Kidnapping & Alleged Murder On IG Live!!


Inmates at an upstate New York prison took to Instagram Live on Wednesday and live-streamed a disturbing video – which shows the kidnapping and possible murder of an inmate, MTO News has learned.

The video has been circulating across social media, and so far officials at the prison where the video was filmed – are being tight lipped on exactly what happened.

The video starts out, with the incarcerated men instigating a fight between two inmates – both of whom are carrying large homemade machetes, MTO News observed.

After a bit of banter back-and-forth, the two inmates decide to go at it – swinging the machetes at each other. 

But then things get truly deadly. MTO News learned that one of the inmates is a member of a prison gang, and had his homies jump in – and pull the rival into a cell. The gang then quickly locked the door behind them, and began to go to work on the “Opp.”

According to jailhouse rumors on social media, the inmate who was pulled into the cell was murdered – and chopped into pieces. MTO News has not been able to confirm whether the inmate is alive or dead. And so far no one at the prison is talking.

Here’s the video:

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