Inmate Who Attacked R. Kelly In Prison Cell Sentenced To Life

The inmate who beat up disgraced singer R. Kelly in a Chicago cell in August has been sentenced to life in prison for a racketeering conviction that involved two 1999 murders.

Jeremiah Farmer, a member of the Latin Kings gang, reportedly kept raising his voice in the courtroom and interrupting the judge.

Last year, Farmer was convicted on conspiracy to commit racketeering activity in a drug-related case that involved the killings of Marion Lowry, 74, and Harvey Siegers, 67.

During the attack on Kelly, he reportedly slipped away from guards, where he began to hit Kelly in the head and even tried to stab him with a pen.

Kelly tried to use the incident to get out of jail on bond but was refused by a judge. He faces several dozen counts of state and federal sexual misconduct charges in Illinois, Minnesota and New York, from sexual assault to heading a racketeering scheme.

He denies all of the charges against him.

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