‘Inmate MMA’ TikTok Fighting Channel Turns Deadly . . . Inmate DIES During Match!! (Viral)

A popular new TikTok channel is being run inside Louisiana’s Angola prison, MTO News has learned.

The channel – which is referred to as “inmate MMA’ – shows videos where inmates fight, until one either taps out, gets knocked out, or in the case of the latest video – DIES!!

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The video starts out with two inmates squaring up, before they engage in a one-one-one fight in front of a crowd. MTO News confirmed that the fights are pre-scheduled, so that TikTok viewers can place bets on the fighters before the match.

In this latest fight, which was published on the social media platform this weekend, the fight ended in disaster. One inmate picked up his opponent, and dropped the Opps on his head, immediately breaking his neck, MTO News learned.

According to social media reports, the inmate died instantly. MTO News reached out to the Louisiana Department of Corrections for comment on the TikTok channel, and the inmate’s death. So far we have not received a response.

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