Iggy Azalea Snaps On Biden Critics: Shut The F*ck Up!!

Some people regret voting for Joe Biden but Iggy Azalea is not here for it.

“I really hate to get political but can we shut the f*ck up with the ‘I regret voting Biden’ commentary cause ya gonna blink and that orange will be back running for presidency. It’s so f*ckin disappointing to see y’all think it’s an edgy take,” she tweeted.

She continued, “We all collectively agreed that ‘please just don’t make it any worse’ was worth a vote and in that regard it’s been successful. Can we please not forget how terrifying & stressful the last 4 years were for so many people because of that man.”

People have said they do not see enough change since Biden was voted into the White House, but he has not been president for a year yet.

According to USA Today, 53% of Americans still approve of Biden’s response to Covid-19, 45% disapprove, marking the highest number of Americans to disapprove of his handling of the pandemic since he took office, nearly 20 percentage point drop from March.


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