IG ‘THOT’ Releases Receipts – Showing Porsha’s Fiancé SENT HER MONEY!!

An Instagram model is releasing evidence that she claims shows Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha’s fiance Simon sent her more than $3,000 in what she calls :trick” money, MTO News has learned.

Porsha and Simon began dating a few months ago – and now the two are engaged.

But up until a few months ago, he was sending thousands of dollars to a beautiful blonde IG model, the model is claiming. MTO News obtained the alleged evidence of Simon’s “trick” payments.

The model leaked cash app receipts showing that Simon appears to have sent the model $3,000. Look:

Here’s video showing when Porsha first met Simon – who at the time was married to Porsha’s co-star Falynn:

Here are some images of the woman, who claims that she and Simon had some interaction. The woman claims that Simon wined and dined her, and gave her money in hopes of having a romantic relationship.

But the woman claims that she wasn’t interested – so she just took Simon’s money and rebuffed his advances.

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