IG Star Supa Cent Gets Into BEEF w/ Andrew Caldwell – Goes VIRAL!!

There’s a pretty interesting beef brewing on Instagram between IG star Supa Cent and Andrew Caldwell, best known for his “I am Deliver’t” video, MTO News has learned.

It all started when Supa Cent posted a video claiming to show Andrew getting slapped by one of his former gay friends.

Andrew did not like the video being shared and so he made a video blasting Supa Cent. Supa Cent trolled Andrew’s video, and the two eventually met up in a Live and went face-to-face.

It was interesting.

Here is a video mashup of what went down between the two:

Supa Cent is an IG comedian who is the creator and founder of The Crayon Case Cosmetics, one of the most popular American brands used by many make-up artists. She is an influential Instagram star and entrepreneur, with more than 5 million followers.

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