IG Model’s Body Destroyed By Botched Surgery In D.R.! (‘Breast Looks Like Crumpled Paper’)


A gorgeous Instagram model named Pereal is currently in the intensive care unit, after a plastic surgery operation gone wrong – in the Dominican Republic, MTO News confirmed.

Every day, hundreds of Black women hop on planes to the Dominican Republic – to get low cost plastic surgery, specifically Brazilian Butt Lifts, tummy tucks, and breast augmentation.

Well Pereal went to the D.R. hoping to get a full body makeover. And the surgery went terribly wrong. Now her body appears to be destroyed forever, MTO News observed.

Shortly after the operation, Pereal realized something was wrong. She decided to fly back to the United States, to get proper medical treatment. Once she arrived at the airport, she was rushed to the hospital, where she learned that her body was mangled.

MTO News observed her breasts, and according to social media commentators, they now look like crumples up pieces of paper.

Here’s Pereal laying in a hospital bed, telling her story.

Here’s a screenshot of her botched breasts:

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