IG Models Are Forced To Give Camels BL*WJ*BS In Dubai!! (Crazy Details)

Being an Instagram model can be a lucrative job. They are paid thousands of dollars to endorse products. But MTO News learned that there is another way that many IG models are getting paid – in the Middle Eastern city of Dubai.

According to sources, models are paid thousands of dollars and flown to Dubai – where they are asked to do some of the most depraved s*x acts known to mankind.

This week a wealthy South African African “fixer” Serge Kabonge – who has sets up hundreds of models with African billionaires  – spilled the tea on what happens when an IG model gets to Dubai.

It’s the first time that a wealthy man confirmed what happens in the Middle Eastern city.


The wealthy African man explained, “Look when we go to Dubai, we take the girls with us just to have fun.” But the interviewer interrupts, and breaks down the details, “I’m gonna tell you [what happens]. Some of them are forced to give camels bl*wj*bs, some of them get crapped on in the face or on the stomach, and they’re forced to have all kinds of crazy wild s*x.”

The African man just smiled and nodded, as the interviewer made the description.


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