Popular IG Model Sent Home After Being ‘Flewed Out’ – ‘Ur Body Don’t Match Ur IG Pics’! (Video)

A man is claiming that he was tricked, by a popular IG model who he claims altered her photos on Instagram. And the details of the couple’s fall out is going viral across social media.

The man who started this mess is a Miami club promoter named Bigavelli. He labels himself a “high value man”, and his social media is filled with pictures of him wearing expensive jewelry and driving luxury cars. Look:

According to social media reports, seen by MTO News, Bigavelli met a beautiful young lady on Instagram. The woman had hundreds of thousands of followers, and her images on social media were popping.

The two hit it off virtually, and eventually Bigavelli offered to fly the young model across country – so that they could spend a romantic weekend together at his Miami condo.

But when the model arrived, Bigavelli was shocked at just how different she looked.

MTO News learned that the Miami bachelor then pulled out his phone, and recorded himself – as he confronted the model for being a catfish.

Then, after confronting the young woman, Bigavelli threw her out of his home – and told her to find her way back home. Watch:

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