IG Model Reveals: ‘I Was Born w/ 2 V*g*nas & 1 Of Them Is Now Pregnant’!! (Pics)

A popular Instagram model gained close to 1 million followers in less than 24 hours. That’s because, MTO News has learned that she revealed to the world that she was born with a rare birth defect – which gave her two v*g*nas. And now one of those v*g*nas is pregnant.

The models name is Evelyn, and she’s one of the most popular IG models in Australia.

Evelyn’s deformity – called uterus didelphys- means that she literally has two vaginas, each with their own cervix, uterus and one ovary attached to each side. One uterus is far to the right side and one far to her left side. 

And Evelyn used each v*g*na differently.

MTO News learned that the model explained, “I used one v*gina for escorting and one side for personal s*x. I no longer escort, and am now 6 months pregnant in my right vagina (with my fiancée).”


If it sounds confusing – MTO News will take you through a quick biology lesson, explaining her body, using diagrams.

Here’s how Evelyn describes what her body looks like, from the outside:

I have 2 completely independent reproductive systems. From the outside it initially looks like one normal vagina but immediately when i open my legs there is one that goes right and one that goes left. I have one clitoris but 2 G-Spots, org*sms in my right v*gina are way better.

There are other complications with having two v*ginas – like IUDs don’t fit as each of her uteruses are half the size of a singular regular uterus. She also needs to wear two tampons at once.

Evelyn also revealed to MTO News, what it was like bing an escort – and using one of her v*ginas for work and the other for her boyfriend.

She explained, “I worked as a independent escort in Australia for about 8 years and i was able to use one vagina for ‘work’ and one for my bf so technically thats not cheating right.”

She continued, “Occasionally I’d show clients the two of them and blow their mind further haha!”

Evelyn has since retired from prostitution and now is expecting a child with her boyfriend, on her right uterus. She tells MTO News through her website, “I am currently 6 months pregnant in my right uterus i was told by a specialist after a few tests to only get pregnant in the right (its stronger) my uterus is larger and cervix ‘better'”

In case you’re interested in what Evelyn looks like, this is her:

There’s a lot more pictures of her on her Twitter – but we warn you, they are EXPLICIT.


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