IG Model Maliah: Once Chased By Drake & 50 Cent . . . Gains 100 lbs: Now ‘FAT’! (Pics)

Maliah Michel was once the top instagram model in the world! At the time she was also being pursued heavily by some of the richest and most popular men in the world. As MTO News reported, these celebrity men would lavish her with gifts, and use her name in songs.

Well that was about a decade ago. and things have changed for Maliah. Since then, she’s put on about 100 pounds, and considers herself ‘FAT.” According to MTO News sources, Maliah blew up from 170 pounds to a whopping 270 pounds.

Here’s a video of Maliah’s new body:

Tourists Go To O Block – Take Crying Selfies w Goons

Men on social media are body shaming Maliah – who doesn’t look bad with her new weight. Here are just a sample of what people are saying.

The falloff is tragic

The mommy makeover is coming….

thottin years are over, seek a new path

Dancing in front of your cam and eating hot cheetos for a year takes a toll.

Drake dogged a bullet

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