IG Model: I’ve Never Had Female Friend Because Their BFs And Husbands ALL Want Me’


A popular Instagram model is going viral, after revealing that she’s never had a female friend in her adult life, MTO News has learned.

Moriah Mills, 27, is from New York, US, is a self-proclaimed loner who is a model and Instagram influencer with over 90,000 followers (@thisismoriahmills). Moriah claims that she doesn’t make friends easy and it’s all because of her good looks. “It’s always been me, myself and I, being a bit of a loner and preferring my own company,” Moriah told Jam Press.

‘I’ve NEVER had a female friend because their boyfriends and husbands want me,’ says model who rakes in $300,000 per month from her looks. 

Moriah continued, “Most females have been judgmental about me because their husbands and boyfriends want me. “I’m super nice but maybe they feel that I’m conceited because of my looks.” 


The beauty had a lot more to say, adding, “They couldn’t be more wrong. I’m very down to earth.” 

According to Moriah, the jealousy that she claims she faces – began in high school. She told the mag,  “It never bothered me very much, I worked hard and although there were people that I liked and would speak to I wasn’t close to them. “I never trusted people enough to get close to them.”

A YouGov poll from 2019 found that 22% of millennials (anyone between the ages of 25 – 40) said they had no friends and 27% of them reported having “no close friends”. Interestingly, research also suggests that those who spend time alone tend to report higher levels of creativity. However, while friendship isn’t her specialty, Moriah is not short of options when it comes to romantic relationships. She said: “I love romance and being wined and dined. “I never have a shortage of male admirers to take me out.”

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