IG Model Allegedly PULLS GUN On Akademiks During Podcast, For Talking Reckless!! (Vid)

Instagram blogger and podcaster Akademiks is known for his controversial messages, that many claim are anti-woman. Yesterday the blogger was caught in what appeared to be a life-threatening incident, after a woman he disrespected allegedly pulled a gun on him during a podcast.

And the incident was captured on Youtube live. Akademiks, and the woman – a beautiful model named Whitney LeDawn, both appeared on the popular Fresh N Fit podcast.

During the podcast, Akademiks made disparaging comments about Whitney, who is a Christian. Akademiks called the model a “thot” and claimed that she was a bad Christian mother, because she had a child outside of wedlock.

Whitney was outraged by Akademiks’ comments, and she stood up for herself.

But Akademiks didn’t let up. He then appeared to threaten Whitney, saying that he could “have her beat up.”

The apparent threat didn’t go well and Whitney SPAZZED OUT.

Commotion ensued, and Whitney was asked to leave the podcast. That’s when things went LEFT. Akademiks came back on camera telling the audience that Whitney appeared to be “reaching for something in her bag.”

Then security came in, and told everyone to “run” and suggested that Whitney may’ve pulled a gun while on the set

MTO was not able to determine whether Whitney in fact pulled a gun. But even if she did, under Florida law, she may have been well within her legal right to do so.

Here’s video from the podcast:

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