Ice-T: 50 Cent & Bobby Shmurda Are The Last Gangsta Rappers!!


Ice-T knows his gangster rappers — and the west coast OG says that New York rapper 50 Cent and incarcerated rapper, Bobby Shmurda, are the last real gangster rappers.

“To me, the last gangster rapper was 50 Cent, because to me, he embodied that image. You know, that ‘I don’t give a f*ck,'” said Ice-T. “50 Cent had you really believe you didn’t wanna f*ck with him. I heard 50 Cent when he was beefing with Fat Joe and he was like, ‘Fat Joe, I’m right down the street. It’s real hard to find a n*gga when you know he got a gun, ain’t it.'”


After chatting, he mentioned Shmurda, who is currently serving a prison sentence of seven years, which was eventually reduced to five years. In 2016, he pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to possess weapons and possession of a weapon. The rapper tried to revoke his plea, accusing his lawyer of forcing him to take it. His request was denied.

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