“I Transitioned At 4 Years old”: Black Trans-boy Getting Sex Change At 16, Paid By Medicaid

Trinity Neal is a 16 year old girl from from Delaware, but she didn’t always consider herself to be a female. And her story – including her government paid for s*x change operation at age 16, MTO News has learned is detailed below.

Trinity was born with male genitalia, and her parents assumed she was a boy from birth. But Trinity was different – she would dress up in her mother’s clothes and adamantly express that she was a girl.

Eventually her mother – who is gay – took her to a child therapist who confirmed that Trinity had gender dysphoria, and Trinity’s mental health was being impacted.

So at the young age of four years old, Trinity was allowed to begin transitioning into a girl and her family accepted her as such.

Trinity’s mother DeShanna bought her a pink dress to mark the occasion, and the 4 year old Trinity was reportedly “in tears” as she finally felt understood and accepted.

Trinity explained to the media, ‘It made me feel so happy . . . And mom said I was crying because of my happiness.

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‘It wasn’t right for me in that body. It felt awful, I wasn’t even happy. I was always sad and angry.’

When Trinity turned 12, she made history by becoming the first child in Delaware to have their medical transition covered by Medicaid, a state program that offers health insurance coverage for lower-income families.

The pre-teen was initially denied puberty blockers by Medicaid, but her mother DeShanna fought for almost a year to get the treatment her daughter needed.

Now, Medicaid will be covering Trinity’s gender confirmation surgery. At 16 years old, she will be one of the youngest in her state to undergo this life-changing surgery.

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