Lil Xan Claps Back After ‘Snitching’ On Stat Quo

Lil Xan has clapped back at people who say he snitched on his former manager Stat Quo after accusing him of having drugs trafficked for him to feed his addiction.

“It’s like half are saying, ‘Yo, thank God you are spreading the word.’ And the other half is, ‘Oh, you’re a snitch now, bro. He didn’t make you do that.’ All this stuff. Like, bro, I’m not a gang banger.”

He said, “I’m a civilian. How am I a snitch? Did I go to court and rat on my gang? I don’t have a gang. You can’t snitch if you’re not a f*cking gang member, bro. Miss me with that. I’m trying to help other artists, particularly in my same similar situation, not die or go down the same path and get in bad deals. I’m doing this to help people, but a lot of the haters don’t seem to get it.”

Is Lil Xan a snitch or nah?

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