Houston Rapper Scrappy G Begs For The Violence To Stop From His Hospital Bed!!

Houston rapper Scrappy G was at Spivey’s Uptown when a fight broke and spilled into the parking lot.

Two suspects started shooting. Scrappy G’s friend got shot, and he rushed one of the shooters and started wrestling over the gun when he was shot two times in the thigh. He’s currently in hospital recovering.

“It should never get to this over something small like spilling a drink or stepping on a shoe; I’m going to take your life, we just have to add more value to human life,” he told Fox 26. “I managed to push the clip out of his gun and I managed to take the gun off him, but at this point I lost so much blood I passed out, and I just watched dude runoff.”

The Houston rapper wants the shootings to stop.

“We have to start going to the club with an agenda to have fun. Some people go to the club preparing to get into an altercation with people… It all starts with us changing the narrative,” he said. 


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