Houston Gay Man ‘Pimp Slaps’ Black Woman; Twitter Wants Him Arrested!! (Video)

A Houston man may be facing time in prison, after a viral video of him “pimp slapping” a woman is circulating across social media, MTO News has learned.

In the video, the man – who is clearly gay – is arguing with a woman inside of a fast food restaurant in Houston. The man and woman argue back and forth, and at one point the woman puts her hand in the man’s face.

Big mistake. First, the much larger man warned the woman not to “touch him.” Then from out of nowhere he hauled off and backhand slapped the woman knocking her to the ground.


People on social media are now calling for the man to be arrested for assault, MTO News has learned. They argue that the vicious slap was unnecessary and excessive violence against a female.

MTO News reached out to Houston Police for comment. So far they did not respond to our requests.

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