Housekeeper Returns Britney Spears’ Dogs After Taking Them Home

Britney Spears’ dogs have been returned to her after they were removed from her home by a housekeeper.

According to TMZ, both of the dogs were dehydrated and one of them was close to death. The outlet also reports that both dogs require a special diet and that one has serious digestive issues.

The housekeeper claimed that Britney only fed them scraps from the dinner table. After taking them to the vet, she decided to keep them to take care of them. But Britney was upset and last week the cops were called as the star was accused of assaulting the housekeeper.


But Britney thought it was a part of her father, Jamie Spears, trying to control her.

“Britney is demanding answers,” a source told Page Six. “She’s been through this before. Her conservators used to threaten to take her children away from her, and now her dogs are nowhere to be found. It’s an all too familiar — and heartbreaking — feeling for her.”

The housekeeper is no longer working for Britney.

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