HoneyKomb Brazy’s Mom Fears For Her Life As Gunmen Continuously Shoot Up Her Home


Rapper Honeycomb Brazy’s mother is claiming that she fears for her life, after her home was shot up for the fourth time, MTO News has learned.

The Mobile, Alabama woman claims that this week her home was shot up, and she’s worried that soon she’ll end up dead.

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Back in February, a group of men burst into Honeycomb Brazy’s grandparents home, and killed them both. Now MTO News has learned that Honeycomb’s opps are targeting his mom.

Honeycomb’s mom went on the news yesterday, trying to get police to help her.


HoneyKomb Brazy’s real name is Nahshon Jones, but he prefers HoneyKomb as his stage name. During his teenage years, he went by the name of “Little Honeycomb.”

HoneyKomb Brazy’s Instagram account has over 161k followers. Some of his most popular songs include Dead People, Yellow, No Hook, New Body, Camel Back, and many more.

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