Hip Hop Executive Wack100 Beats Up 2 Alleged ‘Skinheads’!! (Video)

MTO News confirmed that The Game and Blueface’s manager, Wack 100, got into a fist fight yesterday with two white men – after claiming that the men hurled racist epithets towards him.

According to online reports, Wack was at Primo Burgers outside of Los Angeles on Saturday when he encountered a couple of guys whom we’re told were burning rubber behind him.


Here’s how TMZ is reporting it:

We’re told Wack asked them to stop, as he feared they’d lose control of the car. The response we’re told he allegedly got from them in return — “Mind your f****** business [epithet].” Our Wack sources say the men proceeded to get out of their vehicle, at which point Wack got out too … ready to defend himself.

It’s important to note … the video does not contain any epithets. You see the two guys swing on Wack, who fends off their blows and strikes back … actually connecting with one guy and making him fall back on his ass and bleed a bit.

The other guy tries to come at him with a little rooster step, and Wack prepares to trade fists with him too — but it looks like the fight stops there as more people show up to see what all the commotion is about. They say they’re gonna get his plates, and Wack encourages it.

Here’s the video of the fight:

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