Heather Thomson Claims She Was ‘Assaulted On ‘RHONY’ Season 13


Heather Thomson says that she was assaulted during the filming of season 13 of Real Housewives of New York.

“I filmed a little bit and then I remembered why I left,” Heather said during an episode of Friends of Dorothy. “It’s just not how I want to spend my time. My whole DNA is about encouraging people and fixing things and making it better and that’s a bad thing on this show.”


“I get assaulted this season on the show, believe it or not, but I’m fine,” she continued before sharing that it was Leah McSweeney who assaulted her.

“It was actually the new girl. It’s the new regime that was intimidated… and just wanted to show who was the Queen B,” Heather said.

She doesn’t think too highly about the direction the show has taken since it began.

“When I came on the show seven years ago, they did say they wanted to raise the bar. They used those words exactly. ‘We want to showcase true New Yorkers, real people that are really working in New York. ‘The casting of the show and the [women] behaving badly, the bar never got raised. It is what it is.”

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