Heather Thompson Reveals Why Her Return To ‘RHONY’ Was So Short

After spending years away from the show, Heather Thompson returned this season as a friend of the show.

But she did not stick around for long.

“I didn’t even get a chance to breathe, really,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “Nobody else made me feel that way.”

It’s already common knowledge that Heather clashed with Leah McSweeney and even hinted that Leah might have physically assaulted her.


“I keep getting kind of railroaded by one of the new girls on the show who just has her own agenda,” she said. “She basically formed an opinion by her fandom of the show … Leah was a fan of the show watching the show through my edited character; that’s what I think it was. I was bound and hung by her because of how she interpreted my character on the show years ago.”

Leah has proved popular on the show, but will the fans still be on her side once the episode airs with the big blowout between her and Heather?

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