Halle Berry Responds To LisaRaye’s ‘Bad In Bed’ Remarks

After LisaRaye McCoy responded to critics after she was accused of bashing the Monster’s Ball actress Halle Berry — Halle responded.

LisaRaye went on air to say that she never meant to disrespect Halle.

“That disturbed me because Halle is beautiful, I don’t have a problem with Halle, I love Halle, Halle is breaking barriers for all of us, you know what I mean? So that is absolutely a no no,” she explained.

But she doubled down, saying she really did hear that rumor:

“However I absolutely heard that I remember when Monster’s Ball, her love scene, and they were trying to say that, that’s how she is in bed, and it was like ‘no it’s a movie guys, what are you talking about?’ Then they came out with the whole Wesley Snipes thing, who was that that hit her in the ear, or something, like she didn’t have good relationships, and I was like ‘Chile we all done broke up with somebody that we ain’t with now.’ So sh*t we all tryna be with somebody, gotta go through a lot of folks to get to that one.”

And here’s Halle’s response:

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